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Text Box: Foods First!™

Eating healthy foods is at the core of our teachings, where we focus on Foods First and rely on the use of supplements secondarily and only after molecular testing and nutritional analysis to determine the adequacy of your diet and how your body stores its nutrients.

PEAK Nutrition Therapy Solutions provides medical nutrition therapy, functional nutrition and integrative solutions for persons seeking a personalized wellness program to help prevent the onset of disease and manage nutrition related conditions.  Our practice provides a variety of nutritional assessments, therapies and counseling services for people in all stages of life.

Our guiding philosophy teaches us that optimum mental and physical health requires a true Synergy of Mind and Body®Synergy is defined as the interaction of two or more forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.  By understanding that our long-term health is dependent on the foods we eat, our mood and level of chronic stress and the degree to which we exercise our brain and body, it makes perfect sense that providing the best in personalized wellness requires a synergistic approach.

Our mission, therefore, is to teach, coach and empower our clients to achieve their personal best in mental and physical health

At Peak NT we work in harmony with you to ensure you receive the right information, tools and support to reach your personal wellness goals.


To Achieve Personal Wellness:

           “Everything starts with the brain.”


Who you are, and how well you function, is controlled by your brain and its complex interactions with the rest of your  body.  If your brain isn’t performing optimally, then the rest of you probably isn’t either. 

So that’s where we start.  If your brain’s hormones and neurotransmitters are out of balance, then the rest of your body is out of balance and may not have the ability to overcome the imbalances, leading to disrupted metabolism and the development of negative behaviors that keep you from attaining your highest level of Personal Wellness.

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Text Box: Brain Health

A healthy brain influences a balanced mind and body. Through metabolic assessments we identify which hormones and neurotransmitters are imbalanced and work with you to develop a diet, exercise and supplement regimen that will balance out your systems to meet your personal wellness needs.